Hayama works at the same company as Nagisa in Complex Age. She works full time in the sales department. She also leads a double life as an older cosplayer. She specializes in sultry characters with revealing outfits.

Personality Edit

Her attitude toward Nagisa is similar to how Nagisa would treat novice cosplayers. She nitpicks Nagisa's mistakes and makes them out to be a bigger deal than they actually are.

This attitude shifts when they find out they both have a lot in common. She becomes more timid and polite.

Appearance Edit

Hayama's hair is long, dark and silky. She has pouty lips and a cold gaze. Her eyelashes and brows are thick. Her features are bold and unique. Her buxom figure only heightens this eye-catching look.

Relationships Edit

  • Nagisa-
  • Kimiko-
  • Shiho-
  • Aya-
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