Ururu Show

A frame of the show.

Ururu Cosplay

Nagisa imitating the above frame.

Magical Riding Hood Ururu is an anime series watched by the characters of Complex Age. Focusing on its progaonist, Ururu, and her friends in a world of constantly battling magical girls, the show has a significant demographic in Complex Age's world, even having its own cosplay convention that Nagisa and her friends attend frequently. The show's events and the manga's events frequently parallel each other closely, with each one often shedding light on the other.

It airs every Saturday morning at 8:00. This season marks the beginning of its second year. Although its target demographic is young girls, a lot of effort has gone into its action scenes, and some of its fans call it "Moé of the North Star." Each girl, starting with Ururu, pairs up with a Friend Monster (or Friendster) to fight her battles. And when her heart syncs with her Friendster, they can use a powerful magic attack. All the special attacks have names based on tea (e.g. Darjeeling Delta Attack).

Trivia Edit

  • As indicated by the show's name, the show's main character design is based on that of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • All of the characters' attacks are based on tea names, including one repeatedly mentioned in the manga, "darjeeling".
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